What's it about?

THE ENVY EDIT is a collection of daily drawings of all sorts of must haves!

The concept was brought together by a love of fashion and art, fueled by coffee.

Having a presence on Instagram helped The Envy Edit combine the idea of blogging; a relatively new platform for expressing ones love for food, art and fashion and merge it with hand drawn illustrations; one of the purest forms of expression.

Majority of the items drawn reflect what is currently trending combined with some all time essentials.

Here you can purchase a variety of prints that have been inspired by the Instagram feed as well as some exclusive never before seen ones.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you love the artworks as

much as we love bringing them to you!


Meet Angelique

Having worked in the Fashion Industry for many years in many different roles from Design Assistant, to Design Production Coordinator and Head Designer, Angelique found herself constantly looking at trends, forecasting and sketching up ideas.

The beauty of the roles was a constant fresh buzz of product from all around the world.

When Angelique stepped out of the Industry momentarily to pursue the role of Head of Design for a design college in Sydney, she realized how much she missed this regular fuel for all things trending.

Angelique has always drawn and painted and found that fashion was the object of her affection when it came to subject matter.

Her love for design, technology and sketching combined together to create The Envy Edit.

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