Stop. Collaborate & Listen

Would working with us be something that you're interested in?

We absolutely love to work with brands that get our aesthetic and what we're trying to achieve. The only type of advertising we currently offer is sponsored content. That we can develop creative ideas and projects that our crew will love too.

Some of our best work has come from collaborations and we can't wait to bounce ideas with other creatives and business owners alike.
If you feel we're that our brands align please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Prints & packaging

Having a fashion and design background, prints & packaging is all part of the deal!

Developing repeat patterns and branding for prints and packaging is something that makes our heart sing.

Personalized fashion illustrations

Products and prints we can do, but did you know that Fashion Illustrations are something we love too?

A great gift for a loved one, or a special event is a personalized illustration.

Social media content

Social media is our platform and creating content for brands and businesses is our thing.

The team here at The Envy Edit love putting together posts to showcase your products and share what we love. We like to keep it inline with our feed as well so that it's consistent for the brand and followers, however we love a challenge of putting posts together ready for your business to share as well!

If you want to sample our hand writing, head over to the contact page for social details.

Live demonstrations and appearances

Something we love doing here at The Envy Edit is meeting and greeting the people who show us love. We've had the opportunity to make several appearances for events and meet lovelies who follow the page and influencers galore!

Live demonstrations and illustrations on the spot can be whipped up for a personalized experience. These appearances don't just have to be industry related either; birthdays, weddings and special occasions go hand in hand with this special memento.

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