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Nike's in progress, just do it already!

Hi All!

So I thought I'd thought share with you some of the work in progress shots of the Nike Air Max Zero's from the previous post and just give you a bit of a step by step progress to get to the finished here goes!

The process is really quite simple.

Firstly source the perfect image. I got the Nike Air Max Zero's from the Nike website.

This was ideal for the different angles so I knew what I was looking at.

(Usually I prefer the actual product in my hand so I have a gauge on size, scale, texture and of course detail!)

Then I do a rough measure up with whatever is hand, in this case, my pencil and rubber, then I start sketching.

I always use a HB pencil to map it all out. (Apologies on the not-so-great photos.)

Once happy with the shoe, I bravely start to ink it in. When inking, I never follow the line directly, this is always the time I use to perfect the details etc. I don't like to rub out until everything is inked in, so this is where my corrections come in. (And no, they don't always go to plan!)

When the ink is dry, I rub out all the pencil and start to have fun colouring in the illustration.

Now that the illustration is complete, I scan the artwork, delete the background and spend a bit of time preparing for what I'd like to post.

I hope this has helped bring a little insight into my technique! Any questions, fee free!


Easiest places to pick up a pair are below:

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