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The Ultimo, my home away from home

As my Monday draws to an end, and as I sit here and reflect on my day, I can't stop thinking about my Saturday night...

I spent my Saturday in my all time favourite boutique hotel in Sydney - The Ultimo.

(I honestly can not get enough of this place! If they ever decide to rent out their rooms on a monthly basis, you know I'll be the first one to sign up.)

I recommend it to everyone I know so it's only fitting I share it with you here.

Why it won my heart? There are so many reasons that I could waffle on for days but the main reason is how comfortable I feel when staying there. The staff are friendly and accommodating from the moment you walk through the doors, the location is easy to get too and close to everything and the interior, decor and structure of the building has this homely charm about it. But the main reason, the number one reason why I would pick The Ultimo over everywhere else in Sydney, is from their specialized horoscope twist with your stay. That's right...The Ultimo is the world's first Astrology Hotel!

So part of the reason I am so comfortable is because I feel like they know me so well. Upon arrival you receive a summary of your star sign, personality traits, likes, hates, etc. Which so far, they have absolutely spot on! And a city guide according to your star sign. So whether you're like myself and from Sydney or you're staying from out of town, they provide you with suggestions on what to get up to during your getaway.

If you're like me and read your horoscope before getting out of bed of a day - you will absolutely love this! If you're someone that doesn't even know what star sign you are, you will get a major kick out of discovering some great finds that are right up your alley and learning a little bit more about yourself.

Considering the The Ultimo is one of my favourite topics, I could go on for days about it, but it's probably best you check it out for yourself here:

They can also be found on social media:

(If you like what you see, check back tomorrow as a giveaway will be announced and you to could experience The Ultimo first hand!)


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