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We help you achieve your design and brand goals by thinking and operating critically when it comes to concept, design, production and the shop floor. Understanding the art of a brands story and voice is crucial to delivering an authentic, meaningful brand and we're here to help.

Our expertise in the fashion industry and supply chain enables us to elevate brands and organisations through design, quality and finished aesthetic.

We will help grow your brand into creative, high-quality, and meaningful products that enhance revenue and marketing streams.

Are you thinking about working with us but not 100% sure on what it is you'd like us to help with?


Below are some key areas that we love sinking our teeth into that might help you with where or how to get started. That being said, we love a creative challenge so if you have something that doesn't fit into one of these boxes - we'd love to hear from you too!


Brand & Business Strategy

Having a fashion and design background, developing brand identity and market awareness along with prints & packaging is all part of our deal!

Developing brand identifying logos and patterns as well as prints and packaging is something that we just get.

However, there is so much more involved than the teaser we just mentioned.


So if you're in need for a logo and brand identity, name development, or refreshing what you've already got, we've got you covered! We help you think creatively and strategically about brand and product development, all while planning the strategic positioning needed to achieve your goals.

Packaging Design

The wrapping to your goods, the memory stretcher in a sea of products, the sometimes toss away impact... whatever you refer to it as - packaging is sometimes the final dressing that can distinguish you apart from the others, showcase core values or look social media worthy; so we understand the impact it needs to have.

Whether it's refreshing old designs or starting from scratch we can help with your packaging needs.


Name & Tagline Development

Sometimes, this is the hardest piece of the puzzle when creating or rebranding a concept...and, fair enough!


We understand the importance of a stand out, meaningful name and memorable tagline and aim to give your brand the attention it deserves when coming up with the creative spread of options to suit your brand.

Design & Production

Believe it or not, we love this part!

Having over 10 years experience in the fashion world means we know a thing or two about what manufacturers are after as well as how things just work in general.

(You've landed in the right place for all your technical drawings as well.)


We have the capabilities to provide you with trend forecasts and seasonal direction, designs, range boards, tech packs including specifications for industry standard and all follow through on the process from 1st fit to shop floor.

We can join your journey when you need us or be with you every step of the way!

Art, graphics,
prints & patterns

Don't forget, we're a Creative Studio, so we also enjoy all aspects of creating and aren't tided to one particular aesthetic.

Having completed numerous different commissioned pieces for all types of projects from fashion brands, to fitness and lifestyle businesses, music artists and private chefs, the list goes on!

We're able to provide the aesthetic that suits your end goal!

Nothing makes us happier then seeing our art on garments and products! (maybe the sound of our Uber Eats notification the morning after a big night, but that's a story for another time)

From placement prints to repeat yardages and all the file formalities in between, we love prints!

The Envy Edit Custom Painted Leather Jacket Bridal Jacket

Logistics & Distribution

Often the part that might have newcomers stumped or even businesses that have been around for a few seasons is the logistics of getting the goods here and then onto their stockists, stores or direct to customer.

We have extensive experience in this area and understand all the leaps and hurdles to avoid when doing so. We offer reliable and secure international freight and logistics services to get your product to you.

Photography & Videography

In a visual world we understand how crucial great assets are. The ability to use them on different platforms as well as generate engaging content for the duration of the promotion is vital. 


We have an eye for detail and flair for creative, even in the throws of a shoot day and aim to capture every bit of material we can. Whether it's a studio or location brief, we bring the professionalism, creativity and energy at all times for a successful project.

Campaign Development

The aim is to be noticed, yes...but we plan to be remembered.


We think big, bold and blue sky when it comes to your campaigns. How it's delivered to the world is an important reflection of strategic planning and a step we only embark on once all communication strategies are finalised. 

Our campaign development is multi-faceted and factoring in many different way to showcase your brand.

Marketing Collateral

We're not just talking digital - there are opportunities at every turn and what's suitable for your brand may not work for another. We take the care from concept, to execution to follow through on response.

Strong marketing will make noise in a very busy market and help elevate brand awareness. How your marketing is executed along with the support of strategic marketing is an important step in getting your brand seen.

the envy edit behind the scenes photoshoot campaign bondi beach skatepark la gear
Sydney fashion showroom the envy edit la gear
Sydney bus marketing campaign la gear basketball street fashion the envy edit
Sydney bus marketing campaign la gear basketball street fashion the envy edit

Happy with the crew and what we do? Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! Either email us at or contact us here.

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